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The principle and precautions of bactericide Sep 20, 2017

Action principle: antiseptic antiseptic is good in solubility and can be compatible with various emulsifiers and surfactants. Its active ingredient penetrates the cell walls of microbes into the cell and binds to bases of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) in cells, thereby inhibiting or completely killing microorganisms. Because of the mechanism of action, the efficiency and broad spectrum of antiseptic bactericide are guaranteed, and it is difficult for microorganism to produce drug resistance.

Because antiseptic bactericide is a chemical, caution should be taken during operation:

Storage should be kept from direct sunlight. The shelf life shall be 12 months at room temperature. Keep in a cool, dark place and do not touch the iron. General antiseptic pH 2 - 5 acidic, manual should wear protective glasses and antacid gloves; do not contact with human skin for a long time, should avoid direct contact with eyes once contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water, such as accidentally entrance, please timely medical treatment.