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Safety and stability of Polymer modifier Dicumene Sep 24, 2018

Nowadays, the application of polymers is more and more extensive, and at the same time, people put forward higher requirements for polymer properties such as fire retardant, strength, toughness and easy processing. It is a common and effective way to select the right additives to improve the performance of the polymer. Among the many polymer additives, Dicumene is a relatively new additive.


This is because the compound Dicumene has a special structure, and it can be used as a synergistic synergistic agent for polymer fire retardant, cross-linking and graft copolymerization catalyst, and the physical properties of the polymer can be improved by crosslinking or graft copolymerization. In its structure, the C-C bond between the corresponding quaternary carbon atoms is not stable compared to the general C-C bond. When heated or illuminated, it is easy to split to form free radicals.


This free radical is highly stable and safe to use. This is because it has a resonance of a benzene ring and a superconjugation effect of a methyl group. Therefore, at the same time, Dicumene is more stable and safer than a general free radical initiator such as a peroxide or an azo compound.https://www.china-zhufengchem.com/