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Introduction of the advantages of organic copper Bactericides Jan 04, 2019

The history of human use of Bactericidess is very long, and the organic copper Bactericidess have the characteristics of low copper content, low residual amount, less environmental pollution and thorough and efficient sterilization. Organic copper formulations have more advantages than inorganic copper formulations. Most inorganic copper preparations are strongly alkaline and cannot be mixed with other acidic pesticides.


The organic copper Bactericides is usually neutral, and has better affinity and compatibility. It can be mixed with most pesticides, acaricides and other additives without causing chemical reactions. Easy to use and safe to operate. The organic copper preparation is safer and more reliable, and has good compatibility with the environment. The crop is not easy to produce phytotoxicity, and the farmers use the medicine more reassuringly.


Not only that, the organic copper Bactericides has a wider range of applications and use, and is safer and more environmentally friendly. At the same time, because the product can also control many other fungal and bacterial diseases, it has a broader prospect of promotion in agricultural production.www.china-zhufengchem.com