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Application of wetting agents Sep 20, 2017

When a pesticide is a hydrophobic solid powder, its surface is difficult to be wetted by water, and it is difficult to dissolve in water and sink. If the addition of a wetting agent, wetting due to the molecular orientation in the solid surface, surface water can be reduced, so that the water can moisten the solid, solid powder into stable suspension dispersed in water. Also, the leaves and insects on the surface of the plant have wax, liquid sprayed up, because it can not be moist and become spherical, roll or water evaporation after the formation. To make the liquid medicine. 

Wetting agents are often added to the plant leaves and insect surfaces in order to give full play to the good wetting properties of the liquid. Wetting action has more practical significance in chemical experiments. After the experiment, the glassware must be cleaned. Clean glass instrument should not put water on the wall, and lay a thin and uniform water film. If the glass is hung with water, indicating that the oil is not clean, it must be re washed.